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The Séduction of Simone

Scribed by Chérie De Sues


The Séduction of Simone

Most of the artifacts were behind the glass walls, arranged with cards and descriptions. As museums went, the place seemed amateur. She sighed. She hadn’t come for aesthetics and looked more closely at the pictures of the O’Malley men.

Patrick stood taller and more muscular then Sean. His younger brother had features that looked more delicate. Yet, no less masculine. Both men had dark shoulder length hair and light eyes. The black and white picture had long ago faded. Still, the pale skin and crystal blue eyes of the Irish were easy to discern.

Their smiles were devil-may-care as they raised glasses of what looked like Irish whiskey. Two ladies, on either side of the men, looked smitten and content to have the brothers holding them. As she moved on, a newspaper article condemned the O’Malley’s for being the ruin of women. They were fined by the city for lewd and ungentlemanly behavior and weren’t welcome to the pub any longer.

A list of habits and hobbies included horseback riding, cigars for Patrick and Sean liked black licorice. Both men were crack shots with a rifle and hunted regularly in the surrounding forest.

Simone crouched down to read a small article. The brothers were frequent visitors to the gypsy camp outside of town. Had they sought to have their fortunes read?

The brothers probably found the exotic women to their liking as well, but she couldn’t condemn them. They were no different from many of the men she'd met now, a hundred years later.

As she walked, Simone peeped at the men’s articles of clothing. Sean’s glasses, Patrick’s horsewhip and cigar cutter. She could see the downward spiral. The men didn’t have jobs, were too much in-demand by women to bother with wives and were a giant burr under the saddle of city officials. One little excuse to blame on the men and the powder keg had been ready to explode.

The next article spoke of the Governor issuing the O’Malley’s arrest warrants. The newspaper said nothing of the death penalty. Only the mention of the Governor’s accusation that the O’Malley brothers raped his daughter.
Yes, that would have sealed the men's fate. A father who had such a high position could have shot the men himself, sparing him from a charge of murder.


Chérie De Sues said...

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Poppet said...

Chérie - your writing is exquisite. I'm leaving you a comment on your first post, the Seduction of Simone. In such a short space of time (ie word count) you manage to paint an entire picture, a scene, the woman, but more importantly, the two Irish tempters.

I loved your metaphors (like the powder keg - and burr under a saddle). You have made them utterly alluring - using such a subtle touch - crystal blue eyes, horsewhip, forest, hunting, whiskey smiles hinting at rebellion and mischief (who can resist!)- but for me the clincher was absolutely when Simone said *a hundred years ago*.

You have laced this excerpt with so much intrigue, it's compelling, you hook the reader with lust and curiosity - you manage to bypass the logic and go for instinct - appealing to the inner adrenaline junkie we all hide.

I have to take my hat off, because you've made it look easy, when i know - pulling off an entire picture, with that much undercurrent, in so few words, is a skillful art, which takes many years to hone.

I'm afraid I'm stuck and may have to read this now :D


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