Friday, November 5, 2010

Spell and Charm bags

Since men and women have made fires, tended to their young and grew herbs in a garden, spell bags, mojo bags and medicine bags have been used. Most cultures used a cloth or leather bag of various sizes that was filled with herbs, hair, oil and charged metal like amulets, and talismans. These bag can protect you if worn under your clothes. The spell bag can bring you your heart's desire for riches, beauty and health.


Often a Neo-witch will create a witches bag, charm bag or spell bag for personal needs. One of the easy bags to make is for New Year's Eve and the wishes you want to come true in the new year. Some pagans will follow the witches wheel and have their New Year's celebration during Samhain. Many pagans will celebrate on December 31st to January 1st. Whatever day you celebrate, a spell bag is ideal to whisper your wishes into, tie up the bag and toss in the fire.

You may draw symbols and add herbs, stones, bones, hair, oil and hand-written notes of the names of those you wish well in the New Year. Whatever symbols best represent the wish you hope to come true.

Here's an easy spell bag for general use as well.


When things get to hectic and stressful in your home, use some magick with a charm bag. The charm bag will bring a peace back into your home. Using fragrant oils, herbs, feathers, and other soothing items will take the discord out of each room.

• Use the hair of each person and pet in your home.
• Blue thread and approximately 12" X 12" blue fabric bag
• Angelica root-a small piece AND Balm of Gilead
• Chamomile oil and blossoms
• Lavender oil and blossoms

Braid the hairs all together with blue thread, then twist the length around the angelica root. Rub some chamomile and Lavender oil over the braid and root.

Put the tied root along with the Balm of Gilead, chamomile and lavender blossoms into the bag and sew or tie the bag closed. Put the bag near where the family gathers. The kitchen or living room will do nicely. Soon you'll feel the negative energy flowing out of the house. Arguments and ill temperaments will be diffused. Tension will dissipate.

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