Friday, May 27, 2011

Witches Ladder Lore

HISTORY: Wiccan's and Pagans use Witch's ladders for spells, wishing, binding and healing. Some covens and sole practitioners will also "bind the thirteen moons of the year," allowing a witch to conjure the Faery world.

Knot magick is a powerful tool to fulfill your greatest desires. Knot spells use your positive energy with magick to cut pain, bind a lover, and travel safely. All you need to do, is make wishes as you touch the knots.

A Witch's Ladder is an old skill, the first recorded was found in Wellington, Somerset in the UK in 1878. The Italians called the Witch's Ladder a Witch's Garland. Sailors for centuries used knots to call the wind or calm the seas.

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