Pagan Jewelry & Spellcasting Kits by Rose Embyrs

Pagan Jewelry & Spellcasting Kits by Rose Embyrs
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Scribed by Chérie De Sues

Such a wonderful feeling to work Pagan Crafts again. My grandfather was a jeweler, and I've made Pagan talisman, earrings and necklaces with semi-precious stones or hand-blown glass circled with silver wire.

Using my grandmother's Celtic pattern, I've also created a witch's ladder in soft and natural angora wool. Each of the nine knots are tied and embellished with hand-blown glass entwined with silver wire or Celtic amulets. The finished product is consecrated and ready for any Pagan, witch, wizard or Fae to cast spells. The shipping is free in the U.S., just email me at roseembyrs@gmail.com if you live outside of the US for shipping costs.

HISTORY: Wiccan's and Pagans use Witch's ladders for spells, wishing, binding and healing. Some covens and sole practitioners will also "bind the thirteen moons of the year," allowing a witch to conjure the Faery world.

Knot magick is a powerful tool to fulfill your greatest desires. Knot spells use your positive energy with magick to cut pain, bind a lover, and travel safely. All you need to do, is make wishes as you touch the knots.

A Witch's Ladder is an old skill, the first recorded was found in Wellington, Somerset in the UK in 1878. The Italians called the Witch's Ladder a Witch's Garland. Sailors for centuries used knots to call the wind or calm the seas.

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