Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pagan Pet Protection Spell

I've had many different animals in my lifetime and currently have a terrier who I adore. He stays by my side since he was a pup, but when I let him go in the Slough or an open field, he goes hunting. This can be upsetting if your cat or pooch wander off during play or chase grasshoppers. I suggest a protection spell for your four-legged companion.

Always choose a good collar of natural leather, undyed is best. Save the pink or blue for your animals handkerchief or toenails. A loved pet will have a glowing aura and you want to use their love for you when you focus the spell.

1. Gather organic matter from your animal (a nail clipping, a bit of fur, a hair, a feather)
2. One Oak leaf of any variety of Oak.
3. An 8" x 8" piece of natural unbleached cotton or wool fabric
4. A 12" length of natural twine
5. A small glass bowl, fill it with spring water
6. A pinch of salt
7. Any kind of Vinegar

Lay the fabric on a solid flat surface.
Place the organic matter from your pet into the center of the fabric.
Lay the Oak leaf on top of the clippings from your pet.
Now sprinkle the salt over the leaf, hold your pet's name tag (or vaccination tag) and repeat these words:

Spirits of the Earth, Water, Air, and Fire,
to protect and guard (pet's name)is my desire.
Keep this loving pet from evil and harm.
I ask your power to charge this protective charm.

1. Pour a splash of vinegar into the bowl of spring water and stir it in well with your index finger only.
2. Sprinkle some of the water over the organic matter from your pet, leaf and salt.
3. Wrap the fabric over everything in a neat package then tie the package securely with the string.
4. Dip your fingers into the water and sprinkle a small amount onto the head of the pet you wish to protect.
5. Bury the wrapped package in a hidden, undisturbed place.
6. Pour the rest of the water on the ground where you have buried the package.

This protection spell should keep your pet safe.

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