Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Embracing Witchcraft in our Times

Witchcraft at one time was practiced by witches, seers, shamans, charmers, pagans, gypsy's and more. These gifted people were legendary from Egypt to Rome. Witches have been part of many great moments in history since the time of shamanism. They gave counsel to Kings and used powerful spells to take down the unjust or cruel.

That is who witches were in the past, but what of the future? Is witchcraft a forgotten religion? Is being a witch relevant today?

Absolutely. Being Wiccan, Shaman or a Pagan in the world today is more relevant than ever. Overall, you'll find ecologically savvy men and women trying their best to bring awareness to the public to protect Gaia, our planet. NeoPagans of all faiths believe in equal rights, natural food sources, feminism, personal and social responsibility by all, respect for other faiths "that do no harm" and so much more.

Historically, witchcraft could be either maleficium, a "malevolent magick" or white "cunning magick" country folk used in the villages. Through history witchcraft was responsible for great and evil deeds. In Medieval Europe, the Church considered all witchcraft to be nothing more than superstition. But for a long time witches were not prosecuted until the late 15th century. During this chaotic time of bad politics and religious zealot, witchcraft was wrongly associated with Satanism.

More modern practitioners of witchcraft call their religion Wicca. Witchcraft and Wicca are very different. Wicca is a religion, and witchcraft is a magical practice. Wiccans are not all witches--some Wiccans have no interest in practical magic and it's workings. Also, many modern witches are not Wiccan.

Some consider Wicca a subset of witchcraft, and when Wiccans speak of practicing witchcraft, they are not speaking of maleficium or any ancient form of witchcraft. Witches today practice white magick that benefits society as a whole. The belief that "first you do no harm, do what ye will" is strong with the Wiccan and witches of our time.


  1. I think the beauty of these times is that the Old Ways in all forms are making a comeback. Egyptian, Asatru, Santeria, Babylonian, all these are gaining popularity. People as a whole are rediscovering the gods and goddesses, and what they mean to them. It's encouraging, and part of why I think that the whole 2012 fiasco is less to do with the end of the world, and more to do with the return of the gods and goddesses.

    P.s. I would love to read Tales of the Red Moon Clan. Thanks!

  2. It astounds me how people today associate any form of witchcraft with Satanism. But I am finding that people who practice magick are drawn to me and me to them, often through very nonmagickal means. Very well said, my friend.

  3. thankyou for that it certainly clears the air for this day! Blessings Bright Sue L.