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12:16 AM

Embracing the Irish Gypsy

Scribed by Chérie De Sues

The Irish Gypsy's Parlor allows me to stretch out as an author of paranormal using my heritage as both a gypsy and my family's history of Wicca. I can trace my family on both sides from the wandering gypsies across Europe to the Irish Wiccans who came to Massachusetts. There is something very comforting in knowing where you come from and where you're going. After three decades of serving my country, working in an operating room and traveling extensively...I've found my niche. I will share everything from the family Book of Shadows to the old Gypsy sayings, tarot readings and spells. Enjoy the paranormal novel excerpts, the ambiance and remember...And ye harm no one...do what ye will...


Margaret said...

This is wonderful! I can't wait to read everything you post.

The Fringe Dweller said...

LOVE your blog Cherie! I agree with your line "Do not take Magick lightly & always practice pure of heart magick." Too true.

It's truly a wondrous time when people are this open about their heritage, and able to apply the knowledge the way you are with your characters. Good for you.

We've come a long way in the last few decades.

Congratulations and looking forward to following your blog, which looks fabulous BTW!

Monica Holy

Chérie De Sues said...

Thank you Margaret, I really want to encourage romance readers to share their own paranormal stories of the strange and unusual too. I plan to share dream interpretations, the family Book of Shadows and other spells, incantations. Should be fun.

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