Sunday, May 23, 2010

Reading Dreams the Gypsy Way

On my gypsy side, I was taught by my great grandmother Lucia that all animals dream, whether they have nightmares of predators or just running for play, every being dreams. Psychologists would tell you that dreams and sleep keep you sane. What gypsies believe is that a dream can foretell your future or present circumstance. In gypsy lore, there are many symbols that may come one at a time or many in the same night. Deciphering these dreams takes years of apprenticeship and are discussed openly among the Romany and other clans. If you dream you are under the warm sun...a worry will be relieved. If the sun comes out from behind a will learn a truth about something that has eluded you. Symbols you may think will bring you harm or dark days are in fact good wounds, cuts, bruises and illness could mean love will come unexpectedly or a hasty marriage is in your future.

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