Friday, June 4, 2010

The Pagan & The Pen

CH Scarlett is a wonderful author and owner of The Pagan & The Pen. This blog is so much more, as authors, artists and other talented people have pooled their experience. I've joined them and will be writing a monthly, maybe bimonthly column and adding more as time permits. I'm half Wiccan and half Gypsy, this intriguing blog explains the pagan lifestyle, holidays and offers ways to be at peace with yourself and the planet. This appeals to me on so many levels. I'm drawn to talented people; musicians, artisans and writers for their ability to see outside the box. To be able to see the world in a different perspective and not belittle anyone else for their beliefs. I hope you'll join me on June 20th where I'll be talking about the Summer Solstice that will happen on June 21st this year. I plan to participate in a celebration on Summer Solstice so the day before worked for me. See you there!


  1. That is fantastic! I wish I could be there. Summer Solstice is one of my favorite sabbats. I'd love to hear more about your Gypsy beliefs, too.

  2. Thank you Margaret. I'll be sure to share the articles I write for Summer Solstice with The Pagan & The Pen and this site too. I'll share some insights on Gypsy life soon as well.